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A Quick Guide to Understanding Your Canon Digital Rebel XTi

Quick Guide to Understanding Your Canon Digital Rebel XTi

A couple of years ago I purchased a Canon Digital Rebel XTi. As with every new technology and gadget, I don’t take the time to read included tutorials. I am one to unpack my new item and run with it, figuring things out as I go. Unfortunately I don’t like lengthy Instructions and lets face it, most of the time they are confusing anyway.

So here I am, frustrated at my photography skills, i had to make a decision. Either learn how to use the camera or get something less complicated. Buying a new gadget and going down the same road is not economical nor practical, so I decided to do some research on finding an easy to understand and to follow tutorial.

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First and foremost I needed to understand what all the buttons are designed to do and what it all means. I do not really understand many of the terms in digital photography nor do I care to know much in detail about it. I just want to know how to take awesome photographs with little skills 🙂 Well, that is not a reasonable expectation, so I came to terms with needing to understand beyond the basics.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 1.35.21 PM

I love photography and even with my limited knowledge I am able to take amazing photographs. All thanks to the automated setting of my Canon Digital Rebel XTi. However, many other photographs did not turn out so great. Either I ended up with blurry, underexposed or overexposed pictures. My research paid off.

I found a very easy to understand tutorial which helped me to understand this camera and it’s functions. Not all, but most of my photos turn out great since gaining this knowledge and I am less frustrated at trying to figure out a proper setting for for taking photographs.

Since I can’t possibly be the only person struggling with this camera and photo taking issue, I decided to share Kevin and Amanda’s tutorial with you and hope you too will take great pictures in the future.

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