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Clever Ideas For Reusing Coffee Grounds

For all you coffeeholics like me, there is a much better place and use for your coffee grounds than the trash can. Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen and other mineral such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and other trace minerals. Coffee Grounds can be used in many different ways. So next time you are done with your Pot of Coffee and get ready to clean the machine, save your coffee ground and use them in one of these many ways. Not only can you reduce the volume of your Household Trash, but you can get twice the use out of the hard earned dollars you spend of your Coffee.


For the Garden

Since coffee grounds are a great source of nitrogen and minerals, they are a gardeners dream source of organic matter.

  • add them to your compost, coffee ground loose their acidity with brewing, giving them the near perfectly neutral pH level and they contain nitrogen, helping to maintain the nitrogen balance in your compost pile. Keeping a nitrogen balance helps to decompose the organic matter in your compost.


  • sprinkle them lightly around your flower and vegetable garden, nitrogen is slowly released into the ground with watering.
  • if you prepare a flower or vegetable garden from scratch, you can work the coffee grounds into the soil before you plant.


  • coffee grounds can be diluted in water and added to plants, flowers and vegetables that way (1/2 lb to 5 gallon water and let it sit for a while before watering).
  • add coffee ground to indoor plants or indoor gardens, or water plants with a solution of water and grounds
  • coffee grounds have to be known to attract worms, great for your compost pile and garden since earth worms break down organic matter, add valuable nutrients to the soil, aerates the soil, and help with proper drainage.


  • coffee grounds are a great pest repellent against slugs, snails and ants.
  • mix coffee grounds and water and spray your plants and veggies to keep pests and insects away.
  • mix coffee grounds and water (4:1 ratio) and pour them over ant hills, know to work to get rid of ants.

 Household Uses

Even after brewing there is plenty of color left in coffee grounds that can be used around the home.

  • try a tie dye pillow or t-shirt from coffee grounds, just soak coffee grounds in water, strain some if possible all the grinds and add your fabric, then dry and wash with some added vinegar to set the color and prevent washing the color out when cleaning. 
  • create pretty old style paper or parchment paper by dipping white paper into water with coffee grounds.


  • dye eggs with the same solution.


  • if have used coffee grounds to neutralize odor or keep a fresh smell inside a fridge and freezer (recommendation by a moving company I used once).
  • eliminate odors coming from a dead animal in attic (we could not find the animal but the smell was horrendous inside my son’s closet in the dead heat of summer), coffee grounds in a large bowl and some fresh coffee grounds on top made it tolerable until the smell stopped.
  • little sachets filled with coffee grounds for closets and drawers.


  • coffee grounds work as natural abrasive for many surfaces – use grinds to clean pots and pans of grease (accidentally found out when husband dumped coffee grounds into the sink filled with pots and were left over on rag when I cleaned the grease of).
  • touch up scratches with a rag or cotton swap dipped in coffee grinds.
  • use a little coffee grounds as a layer for filling a vase as decorative piece.


  • if you live in a part of the country with a lot of snow and ice, you can use your coffee grounds to cover the ice to get traction and it will help melt the ice – environmentally friendly and washes right into your lawn afterwards and fertilizes.


Beauty Product and Cellulite Reducer

Give coffee grounds a second use as a beauty treatment. Sure beats the hight dollar cellulite creams that don’t work.

  • mix 1/4 cup of warm water with coffee grounds and 1 tbsp olive oil, put it on where you want to reduce cellulite, wrap it with a plastic foil for 10-15 minutes and rinse with warm water, repeat 2 times a week for best results.
  • coffee grounds can also be used as an exfoliant by mixing it with coconut oil and sugar (love the smell and again fighting against cellulite with coffee).


  • exfoliate your face as well and save on expensive beauty products, just mix into your cleanser and scrub.


  •  coffee grounds can be used to rinse your hair and give it a nice shine, put it on as is or mix into your conditioner and leave on for a few minutes.



For your Pets

  • Since coffee grounds are known to repel pests, some people use them to treat dogs after a shampoo and it should keep fleas away, also give the coat a nice shine.


  •  Keep cats out of your veggie garden. Sprinkle some coffee grounds around your garden and kitty will go somewhere else.

If you need bigger quantities get your Starbucks premium whole bean coffees. and ask if a Starbucks in your area would save their coffee grounds for you. Starbucks is known for their effort to reduce waist and may just save coffee grounds for you. Contact Starbucks for details.