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DIY Chalk Painting – Distressing – Waxing Furniture Tutorial

Distressing Furniture is one of my favorite things to do when I have a little time. No furniture or Home Decor is safe from being worked on.  This is the one technique you can’t mess up on. It is supposed to look weathered and old and there is no pattern to it. This is a style where less perfect is better.

Since the focus is on saving time and money, yet still have great results, I found another great tutorial for you to get both benefits. As with most refurbished projects that need a fresh coat of paint, I prefer Chalk Paint to other Paints because minimal prep time is required. Chalk Paint will stick to just about anything, including wood without sanding.

Check out this tutorial if you want to save money. Learn How to Create Your Own Chalkboard Paint for Cheap.

In the below clip you will learn how to properly apply chalk paint, distress quickly and wax seal your project. 3 Simple Steps to create a new look. This is a tutorial you can apply to any item, any material at any time. You need no experience to follow these steps and you can get started on you Home Makeover Projects right now. Watch all three parts.

Video 1: How to apply Chalk Paint

Video 2: How to Distress

Video 3: How to Wax seal

Happy Distressing 🙂

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