DIY Mixed Media Steampunk Style Keepsake Box

Since I have quite a few gift boxed I ordered but never used long time ago, I was wondering what to do with them other than giving them away. I will give these plain gift boxes a new look and purpose with some inspiration from a DIY Mixed Media Steampunk Style Keepsake Box Tutorial.

With just a few items, a plain box can be turned into an amazing gift, keepsake box or home decor. You can use Products such as Bo Bunny mixed media products as shown in the video, but I am using whatever I can find in our Arts and Crafts Room. I do have a lot of stencils, templates, pretty paper, paint, buttons, pearls, rhinestones and so much more. You see, you can used just about anything for this project.

Look for Sales at your local Arts and Crafts Stores and you may find many items for much cheaper. Many of these stores have special isles designated to sales items and you may have to do some digging but will find fun and cute Arts and Crafts items for very cheap.

Watch this clip to get inspired for your next project.