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Important Tips to Prevent Child Abductions


It’s every parents worst nightmare. You turn around and your child is missing. If you never had that horrific feeling, even just for a second, consider yourself lucky. It’s a feeling you can’t describe. We see reports almost daily about child abductions and kidnappings. While children are found unharmed, many of these abductions do not end with the safe return of the child. Recently there have been amazing rescues and recoveries of long lost children, which turned into high profile cases. The most recent and most notorious cases are the Jaycee Lee Dugard case and the Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight cases. Many child abductions, however; do not end with a happy reunion and do not make national news.


Everyday Tragedies

It seems like there is a creep at every corner these days. Just this morning there was another report of someone trying to lure a little boy into a car, right in front of a busy strip mall. The little boy screamed and ran inside the store where his mother was shopping, and the guy drove off. Here is my question: “What was that little boy doing outside alone and why was the mother inside and not paying attention to where her child was?” Leaving a child unattended is not just a bad move because of Stranger Danger. A busy place or parking lot is not the place to leave your children unsupervised.


Take Action

What do animals do? They never let their guard down, especially regarding their young. Develop that animal instinct. The most important thing you can do to keep your children safe is to never trust anyone and be aware of your surroundings. Keep your eyes and ears open and trust your gut feeling. This is a valuable lesson to teach your children as well. Listen to your gut feeling. Many times you can sense that something is not quite right if you pay attention. Perps become bolder and bolder in their approach and as a parent you can never let your guard down. Here is what you should keep in mind and things you can teach your children to keep them from being abducted or kidnapped.