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Simple DIY Pillow Making Tutorial

A fun and inexpensive way to change the look and feel of your Home is by simply adding or changing out you pillow on your favorite couch or chair. A great way to reflect the seasons of the year inside you house is by choosing fabrics, colors and designs that reflect the time of the year such as spring, summer, fall and winter.

If you have ever shopped for pillows you know how expensive great looking and quality pillows can get. Sometimes you just pay for a certain Brand name and not the quality or special look and design. I can not get myself to pay so much money for a Home Decor Item I can easily make myself. The most special and unique items are the very items you hand create yourself. Nobody else will have the exact same items and that is the best part of DIY.

All you need is your preferred fabric, pillow stuffing or batting and some idea of a design if you like. You can add sparkles, buttons or anything else your heart desires. Your imagination is the limit with this project.

I found a great tutorial for you to learn Step by Step Pillow Making. In this video you will also see how to create a super cute Snowflake Design in just a few steps and with very few Supplies. You can create any design you like with this tutorial. It is so simple. I absolutely love these Pillows. Check it out!

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