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Toy Storage Design Solutions

Kids Room Storage

Keep clutter and mountain of unorganized toys to a minimum with these amazing Toy Storage Design Solutions. Teach your children to keep a tidy room. They are more excited when you make it kid friendly and fun and you will be surprised how eager they are to keep toys where they belong.

This is incredible. Not easy to replicate but super cute. This Storage Solution Design was submitted by someone on This Old House.

Cubicle Storage

I had many cubicles like these but never thought to paint them and creatively organize them. This is a super cute idea and if you get cubicles at IKEA and paint them it could look similar to this.

Playroom Storage Ideas

If you like Crafts you can make this cute Storage Solution. Create bags inspired by Martha Stewart and created by Always a Project.

OMG, how cute is this setup. A little apartment setup for the kiddos. If I had this setup, I would never see my children. They would love it. Hmmm, some thought.

You can find this storage shelving unit at IKEA for a reasonable price. Paint it, decorate it and match it to complement the colors in your kids playroom.
Storage Solution for Kids Play Rooms

Image: Poss Architecture + Planning – via

Now it’s time to design our own fun room for the kids. Will update with my own playroom creation soon.